Course curriculum

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    1. How to get maximum benefit from this course

    2. Amplify Innovation work book

    1. i. Staying relevant in an ever-changing world

    2. Reflections: Module 1 work book questions

    1. i. What gets in the way? The main barriers to innovation

    2. Reflections: Module 2 work book questions

    1. i. The first choice that every great innovator makes (but most organisations avoid)

    2. ii. The commercial gap that helps you motivate leaders to innovate

    3. iii. So how much innovation do you actually need?

    4. iv. Innovation strategy tool 1: Rapidly mapping how + why today's business actually works

    5. v. Innovation strategy tool 2: Assessing the impact of future trends on today's organisation

    6. vi. Application and examples

    7. vii. Two tools for turning strategic innovation into actionable plans

    8. Tool: Use this template prioritise + activate team-level innovation

    9. Reflections: Module 3 work book questions

    1. i. How great innovators think

    2. ii. Introducing a gamechanging innovation thinking tool: The "Innovation Particle"

    3. iii. What great innovators understand about working with emotions

    4. iv. Why Apple & Dyson create so much profit from innovation

    5. v. How to apply the Innovation Particle

    6. vi. How to design questions that drive awesome innovation (and that most people don't think of)

    7. vii. Case Study: How Grant Thornton automated customer progress

    8. viii. Summary: Progress-driven vs product/service-driven innovation

    9. Reflections: Module 4 work book questions

    1. i. Creating innovation priorities: What matters most?

    2. ii. An everyday example for identifying innovation opportunities

    3. iii. Innovation tool: A step-by-step guide to finding innovation priorities

    4. Reflections: Module 5 work book questions

About this course

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  • 47 lessons
  • 2.5 hours of video content
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About Amplify Innovation

Amplify Innovation is a world-class video training programme that puts the tools of legendary innovators into your hands for instant application.

Created and presented by global innovation advisor Elvin Turner, Amplify is a fast-track pathway to gaining the essential tools and capabilities used inside organisations including Google, Pixar, Netflix, Electronic Arts, Gore, Sony Music, Universal and Santander.

Amplify Innovation is based on proven content from a wide range of successful, practical innovation learning experiences developed by Elvin Turner for organisations including: Adidas, Microsoft, Pfizer Oncology, Universal Music, IBM, European Space Agency, SAP, Springer Nature, Barco, Telefonica, Santander, Cisco, Bouygues, Pernod Ricard, Oxford Instruments, Compassion UK, the Salvation Army, Hillsong, DMG, Ministry of Defence, Department of Health, EDF, SSE plc and several MBA and executive education progammes for multiple universities and business schools.

Who is Amplify Innovation for?

Amplify Innovation is ideal for:

- Leaders needing to rapidly upskill themselves in the latest innovation approaches

- Managers who need to increase innovation performance in their teams

- Learning professionals who need credible, practical and up-to-date content to support management, talent and leadership development programmes

Amplify Innovation is based on Elvin Turner’s best-selling, highly practical innovation playbook which was a finalist in the Business Book Awards 2021. Be Less Zombie: How great organisations create dynamic innovation, fearless leaders and passionate people is regarded as one of the most helpful books available for leaders and managers who need to spark and sustain a culture of innovation.

The Amplify Innovation course includes:

  • 38 instructor-led videos
  • A workbook to prompt individual reflections and actions, plus additional recommendations for next steps
  • Case studies and examples from organisations across a wide range of industries and sectors
  • A team innovation plan template for immediate application
  • Completion certificate for all delegates


Elvin Turner

Elvin is a best-selling author, innovation advisor and associate professor at several business schools. He is also a double award-winning management development programme designer. He is a regular speaker at conferences and corporate events and guest on podcasts covering the topics of innovation, strategy, change and leadership. Elvin has coached and facilitated hundreds of strategy, innovation and leadership programmes around the world for companies including Adidas, Universal, IBM, Telefonica, DMG, Cisco, Santander, Pernod Ricard, SSE and Accenture. His experience extends from working with new and disruptive technology start-ups, through to seasoned leadership teams inside conservative, global institutions. His latest book is Be Less Zombie: How great companies create dynamic innovation, fearless leadership and passionate people, which was a finalist in the Business Book Awards 2021.

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